Pursued by a Bear, Talks, Monologues and Tales by Daniel David Moses. Exile Editions  2005.

ISBN 1-55096-646-4 $23.95 CDN $18.95 US. A collection of 18 essays and talks exploring the nature of story-telling, the possiblities of a "collective past", "tricksters", medicine shows" and those stalking ghosts who have pale faces.

Reviewed by Books in Canada, pg. 38 Volume 35, Number 6, THEATRE by Martin Morrow.

Also reviewed by The Calgary Herald’s Jan Speers ( March 11 2006)

‘…Moses covers a vast amount of territory – most of it controversial. But he does it with an elegant simplicity, a wealth of knowledge and, above all, a wonderful wit that takes his art, but not himself, very seriously.’