How a Turtle Rattles

How a Turtle Rattles, pages 70-71, Grain Magazine, the Journal of Eclectic Writing, Indigenous Writers and Storytellers, Volume 46.5 Summer 2019

The Amerindian in the Godzilla Suit

Poem, page 4, The Best Canadian Poetry in English, 2018, Hoa Nguyen, Guest Editor, Tightrope Books, Toronto, Ontario, July 2018. ISBN:9781988040349, $24.95CDN.

The Poetry and Ecology Project

The Redeemer University College in Ancaster, Ontario has included selected poems written by Daniel in their Poetry and Ecology Project. The Project published a set of seven leaflets – Leaflet 2, Caring for our Water includes Some Grand River Blues; Leaflet 6,...

The Amerindian in the Godzilla Suit

Poem, pages 10-12, Oh Canada, We Have Issues, edited by Armand Garnet Ruffo, ARC Poetry Magazine, ARC Poetry Society, Ottawa, ON, Fall 2017.

After Drowning

Poem, pages 73-74, The Indigenous Perspectives Issue, edited by Philip Kevin Paul, Leanne Betasamosake Simpson and Richard Van Camp, The Malahat Review, Number 197, University of Victoria, Victoria, B.C., Winter 2016.

Crow Out Early

Poem, page 34, Earth and Heaven, An Anthology of Myth Poetry, edited by Amanda Jemigan and Evan Jones, Fitzhenry & Whiteside, Markham, ON, 2015.

Passing Through Smooth Town

Poem, page 26-29, Alice Munro: A Souwesto Celebration, The Windsor Review, Volume 47.2, edited by J.R. (Tim) Struthers and John B. Lee, Windsor, Fall 2014.

Song With Two Notes

Poem, page 28, Eighteen Bridges Magazine, edited by Carolyn Smart, The Canadian Literature Centre, 3-5 Humanities Centre, University of Alberta, AB T6G 2E5, Winter 2013.
A Small Essay on the Largeness of Light

A Small Essay on the Largeness of Light

Poems (Exile Editions 2012) ISBN 978-1-55096-301-4 A collection of poems that is imaginative, illuminating and a delightful feast of poems that explores nature, mythology, perception, desire, youth, aging and the self. Moses states “Poetry is about the...

My Discovery of America

Poem, page 169-170, Yellow Medicine Review, a Journal of Indigenous Literature, Art and Thought, Southwest Minnesota State University,Marshall, MN, Fall 2010.
River Range, Poems

River Range, Poems

A CD of 11 poems read by Daniel with accompanying original music composed, arranged and produced by David DeLeary. The poems recall his childhood memories of life near the Grand River in Ohsweken,ON where he grew up. Music credits: Keyboards and steel guitar, David...

Big Noise

A poem, in ‘Telling Stories, Secret Lives’, a catalogue for an exhibition, edited by Jan Allen and Steven Matijcio, The Agnes Etherington Art Centre, Kingston, Ont. 2006. IBSN 1-55339-088-1
Sixteen Jesuses

Sixteen Jesuses

Poems (Exile Editions 2000) ISBN 1-55096-516-6 ‘This first collection in a decade of poems by highly praised First Nations writer Daniel David Moses is an exploration of loss and longing. Moses celebrates family, art, culture, and two-spirited identity in poems that...
Delicate Bodies

Delicate Bodies

Poems (Nightwood Editions 1992) ISBN 0-88971-042-2 Out of print. ‘This collection of poems was originally published in 1980 by blewointment press, the forerunner of Nightwood, owned and operated by bill bissett. Whether Moses is meditating at his grandmother’s grave...
The White Line

The White Line

Poems (Fifth House Publishers 1990) ISBN 0-920079-68-7 Out of Print What the Critics say: “…precise, perceptive and powerful…poetry of spirit and integrity.” – Quarry “Here speaks the trickster wisdom of a true poet.” – Canadian Literature Read Selected...

The Line

Uncommon Wealth, An Anthology of Poetry in English (Oxford University Press 1997) published this poem, page 757.

First Person Plural

Edited by Judith Fitzgerald A poetry anthology introducing three poets forging a new direction in Canadian writing. (Black Moss Press 1988) [ISBN 0-88753-175-X]

Read Select Sample from `Macintosh Moon`

The moon ripens on its stem. What profit harvesting it will bring him! The boy reaches in his dreams even the top most branches of the night. How many moons does he carry on his back leaving the farm, when he’s taxed off the land at last onto the street? The...

The Published But Uncollected pile

The Amerindian in the Godzilla Suit 1. A prominence divorced from the sun, coming down To earth like a god or monster in a vision Everyone’s forced to have, but this time, in lieu of Turning soil into cinders, this tongue of forked Fire, this dark wing with edges...