Excerpt from The Moon and Dead Indians:

BILL: Remember that night, hermano? Remember your promise.

JON’s crying subsides. A coyote call.

You want more to drink?

JON: We drank too much.

BILL: Did we really, Jonny? Is that possible?

JON: That night we did.

BILL: Ya! Is that why you forget?

JON: We’d swiped a whole keg of booze.

The moonlight is harsh.

BILL: What was we trying to forget?

JON: No. We used it as bait.

BILL: We was hunting, then?

JON: We set it out in the bright moonlight back of the saloon and waited.

BILL: Waited? What in hell for?

JON: For something in hell to happen.

BILL: Boy, that was hard. All that booze just yards away and us parched. What happened, Jonny boy?

JON: I fell asleep.

MA comes and stands in the door to the cabin, the Winchester rifle in her hands.

BILL: You got to learn how to drink, mijito.

JON: But when I woke up, there was that Indian boy there.

BILL: That wasn’t no boy.

JON: A skinny little Indian who acted all pretty like a girl.

BILL: How can they let him get away with that?

JON: Flapping his eyelashes like wings.

BILL: Indios culiados.

JON: You were making signs to him.

BILL: No speakum American.

JON: Getting him to drink.

BILL: He sure understood whiskey.

JON: He shouldn’t have been hanging around town like that.

BILL: Sure. Served the little sissy right.

JON: It got real crazy.

BILL: Shit, the redskin liked white boys. What can I say?

JON: You tried to get him to pucker up and he! (makes a raspberry)

BILL: Ya, I decked the fucker. Don’t play coy boy with Billy.

JON cries quietly.

What’s wrong, Juanito. Tell your Billy what’s wrong.

JON: Why couldn’t we just leave him alone?

BILL: Had to teach that Indio culiado a lesson.

JON: I didn’t want to do it.

BILL: You did it. Hermanos de sangre, mijito.

JON: It was so easy.

BILL: A sharp edge is all you need.

JON: So weird.

BILL: Slip it along the hairline and pull and hey it peels off easy as any hide. Such pretty long black hair. Pity we couldn’t show it off.

JON: It was crazy how he didn’t wake up then.

BILL: That’s why I went for his balls!

JON: Jesus.

BILL: Fucker’s not going to ignore Billy.

JON: Jesus.

BILL: That got him going.

JON: He was screaming.

BILL: What’s wrong, fella? What’s wrong?

JON: He was running around.

BILL: You lose something?

JON: He was crying out in that language of his.

BILL: That’ll teach him to speak American.

JON: He looked at me, Billy.

BILL: Hell, I couldn’t stop laughing.

JON: His dark eyes looked at me.

BILL: I could not get a hold on it.

JON: He reached out his hand covered in blood.

BILL: I was pissing myself.

JON: The blood looks so black in this light.

BILL: And you, you shit, you threw up all that good whiskey.

JON: So black. He looked right at me.

BILL: And fuck, all that racket he was making, screaming like a chicken in a coyote’s jaws, brought all those jerks out of the saloon. Never saw so many people get so sober so quick in my whole fucking life.

JON: I was sober.

***end of excerpt***