ANGELA: Tell me!

JON: I’ll tell. There’s no problem telling you.

ANGELA: Can’t we stay there? You used to live there.

JON: I used to live there. My whole damn family used to live there.


JON: It’s burned down.

ANGELA: Burnt down?

JON: Are you deaf? Gone up in smoke. Hey, girl, fire broke the farm. (slipping his foot from her hands) The old homestead’s burnt down.

ANGELA: You’re telling the truth.

JON: It’s not really a ranch. It was just a cabin. One room. “Ranch” is too civilized a word.

ANGELA: Can’t we fix it up?

JON: The land’s all grown over. Even the Indian couldn’t stay there.

ANGELA: Why didn’t you say so before? Jonny?

JON: (reaches into a pocket and pulls out a scrap of cloth)
Look at this. Look at the damned thing.

ANGELA: A piece of an old quilt?

JON: It was my Ma’s. My Ma’s. Blowing like a flag there in the weeds where we used to have our potatoes.

ANGELA: So it looks beautiful.

JON: We buried her in that quilt. My Ma…her grave. It was all dug up.

ANGELA: All dug up?

JON: Scattered all over the side of the hill. Angie, I even found bones, I don’t know, one of her hands.

ANGELA: Jesus.

JON: Like my poor Ma wasn’t dead when we put her under.

ANGELA: You said it was the consumption that got her.

JON: I did. It did. The consumption. Coyotes. Tracks all over the place. You got to put them down deep, Angie. Not deep enough. Skinny little buggers are worse than Indians. Ate all what was left of her off her bones.

ANGELA: Jesus, Jonny, Jesus.

JON: She was dead, Angie. She was. I didn’t even bury her right.

ANGELA: I’m sorry. I’m really sorry.

JON: Angie, I wanted to, I don’t know, put some flowers on her grave.

ANGELA: Come on, Jonny.

JON: No flowers this time of year.

ANGELA: You better go to bed.

JON: No flowers. Dead as bones.

ANGELA: Let’s go to bed.

JON: No. Nightmares. I can’t go back there, girl. I can’t.

ANGELA: We won’t, Jonny.

She kisses him.

We won’t go back there.

JON: It’s all gone.

ANGELA: We’ll find us someplace else to stay. We’ll be fine.

They kiss.

JON: It’s all gone, Angie.

ANGELA: It’s all gone, Jonny. It’s all right.

They kiss again and caress and stumble together into the wagon.

JON: Oh, you’re my angel.

DAVID opens his eyes.

ANGELA: I’m your Angel Puss.

***end of excerpt***.