Coyote City, A Play in Two Acts (Williams-Wallace Publishers 1990) ISBN 0-88795-0-90-6 Out of Print (Reprinted with City of Shadows by Imago Press 2000)
Nominated for Governor General’s Literary Award for Drama 1991

Ronald Bryden, professor at the University of Toronto’s Graduate Centre for Drama, reviewed the short-listed plays for the Governor General Awards. Referring to Coyote City, he wrote, ‘I’ve read nothing that coveys so powerfully how Canada and the future look to the young native men and women who choose the company of their own dead in preference to life in a society with no place or role for them. Should Coyote City win the Governor-General’s Award, you are bound to hear wiseacres say knowingly that it’s a timely political choice. Don’t listen. Hit them, or tip over their rocking chairs. It’s not just the best Canadian play I’ve read this year, but the best for several years.’ (Books/Literary Supplement)