Into the Pass, The Last Lady on the Train, and Nocturne for W.T., poems, pages 54-59, Event Magazine, #46.3, edited by Joanne Arnott, Douglas College, New Westminster, B.C., Winter 2017/2018.

The Amerindian in the Godzilla Suit, poem, pages 10-12, Oh Canada, We Have Issues, edited by Armand Garnet Ruffo, ARC Poetry Magazine, ARC Poetry Society, Ottawa, ON, Fall 2017.

Mouths Full of Flowers, poem, page 41, The Walrus Magazine, Toronto, ON, May 2017.

After Drowning, poem, pages 73-74, The Indigenous Perspectives Issue, edited by Philip Kevin Paul, Leanne Betasamosake Simpson and Richard Van Camp, The Malahat Review, Number 197, University of Victoria, Victoria, B.C., Winter 2016.

Crow Out Early, poem, page 34, Earth and Heaven, An Anthology of Myth Poetry, edited by Amanda Jemigan and Evan Jones, Fitzhenry & Whiteside, Markham, ON, 2015.

Essay on the Problem of Sky Woman, Taos Journal of International Poetry & Art, March 2015.

Passing Through Smooth Town, poem, page 26-29, Alice Munro: A Souwesto Celebration, The Windsor Review, Volume  47.2, edited by J.R. (Tim) Struthers and John B. Lee, Windsor, Fall 2014.

Song With Two Notes, poem, page 28, Eighteen Bridges Magazine, edited by Carolyn Smart, The Canadian Literature Centre, 3-5 Humanities Centre, University of Alberta, AB T6G 2E5, Winter 2013.

A Small Essay on the Largeness of Light, poems (Exile Editions 2012) ISBN 978-1-55096-301-4

A collection of poems that is imaginative, illuminating and a delightful feast of poems that explores nature, mythology, perception, desire, youth, aging and the self. Moses states "Poetry is about the complicated combination of emotion and thought in art that creates a morality, a moral vision of the world...the deepest way you can think."

Daniel recites three poems from his book on YouTube..


Hawking's Canoe, RAMPIKE, Volume 20, Number 2, University of Windsor, Fall 2011.

Once Upon an Evening Out Along Sixth Line, Buzz, Forked Song, Two Views of the Eclipse, The Orchard Song and A Frisson in Grange Park, pages 52-62, ELQ, Exile Literary Quarterly, Volume 35, No.2, Toronto,Ontario,Fall, 2011.

Love isn't a Truck, poem, page 14, Literary Review of Canada, Volume 18, No.8, October 2010

My Discovery of America, poem, page 169-170, Yellow Medicine Review, a Journal of Indigenous Literature, Art and Thought, Southwest Minnesota State University,Marshall, MN, Fall 2010.


River Range, Poems, a CD of 11 poems read by Daniel with accompanying original music composed, arranged and produced by David DeLeary. The poems recall his childhood memories of life near the Grand River in Ohsewken,ON where he grew up. Music credits: Keyboards and steel guitar, David DeLeary; electric guitar, Eugene Boyer. Independent release January 2010. Available through Exile Editions (

Bolero o pozaru, Destova, Golf Song, Crystal Beach Boy, Zahrada and Samanuv zpev, songs in Czech based on original poems and lyrics in English, on the album Cekani na Jojota by Botafogo, Vydalo Tympanum, Czech Republic, 2009.
Des Bleues sur Grand River , a translation of Some Grand River Blues by Manuel Van Thienen, is included in Bacchanales Number 42, Anthologie de la poesie ameridienne, Maison de la poesie Rhone-Alpes, Saint-Martin-d’Heres, France, September 2008.

CV2, Contemporary Verse, Volume 29 Issue No. 4, Spring 2007, includes 'An Interview with Daniel David Moses' by Joanne Arnott and five of Daniel's poems, In a Dark Month, Report on Mummified Remains, Catalina's Letter, The Heart Jumps and There's Only South, A Shaman Song. The Canadian Journal of Poetry and Critical Writing. $7.00CDN.

"Writing is a negotiation with reality, not the creation of one. There's knowledge that exists in our cultures, in our languages that's the result of other earlier encounters with the real. We can benefit from it by knowing what words have become or are coming to mean about the world."

                                                            Quote from the on-line interview with Daniel David Moses.


Big Noise, a poem, in 'Telling Stories, Secret Lives', a catalogue for an exhibition, edited by Jan Allen and Steven Matijcio, The Agnes Etherington Art Centre, Kingston, Ont. 2006. IBSN 1-55339-088-1


Smoke Blues, Offhand Song and Shorts Lines (pages 72-74) and Early Pornography and A Song on the Wall (pages 139-140) published in Without Reservation, Indigenous Erotica collected and edited by Kateri Akiwenzi-Damm (Kegedonce Press/Huia Publishers 2003) ISBN 0-9731396-2-5

Sixteen JesusesSixteen Jesuses, poems (Exile Editions 2000) ISBN 1-55096-516-6
‘This first collection in a decade of poems by highly praised First Nations writer Daniel David Moses is an exploration of loss and longing. Moses celebrates family, art, culture, and two-spirited identity in poems that are rich in sound and sense. The poems are lyrical, passionate, occasionally polemical, and often funny. The myth-making of a trickster.’

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Aubade About Dad Cowboy Pictures

Delicate BodiesDelicate Bodies, poems (Nightwood Editions 1992) ISBN 0-88971-042-2 Out of print.
‘This collection of poems was originally published in 1980 by blewointment press, the forerunner of Nightwood, owned and operated by bill bissett. Whether Moses is meditating at his grandmother’s grave or enjoying a feast of juniper rabbit and bannock, this writer is in touch with the power of language.’

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Song In The Light Of Dawn August

The White LineThe White Line, poems (Fifth House Publishers 1990) ISBN 0-920079-68-7 Out of Print
What the Critics say: “…precise, perceptive and powerful…poetry of spirit and integrity.” - Quarry
“Here speaks the trickster wisdom of a true poet.” - Canadian Literature

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Inukshut The Line

Uncommon Wealth, An Anthology of Poetry in English (Oxford University Press 1997) published The Line, page 757

Passing Above the Black River, Grandmother of the Glacier, Hotel Centrale, Rotterdam and Your Parent’s Hands, pages 66-71, Border Lines: Contemporary Poems in English edited by Wainwright, Clarke, Grogan, Li, Ross and Wallace (Copp Clark Ltd. 1995) ISBN 0-7730-5342-5

First Person Plural Edited by Judith Fitzgerald A poetry anthology introducing three poets forging a new direction in Canadian writing. (Black Moss Press 1988) ISBN 0-88753-175-X

Report on Her Remains, Some Grand River Blues, The Corn and Party Favour, pages 301-305, Harper’s Anthology of 20th Century North American Poetry (Harper & Row 1987)

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Macintosh Moon The Amerindian in the Godzilla Suit