ESSAYS, STORIES AND COLLECTIONS                                                                                                
  "A Ride Like Miss Johnson's 'Wild Cat', a Key Note Address", pages 6-22, Indigenous Literature and the Arts of Community, editors Sam McKegney and Sarah Henzi, Canadian Literature No. 230-231, Autumn-Winter 2016, editor Laura Moss, UBC, Vancouver, B.C., August 2017.
The Phantom Heart of Andrew Pale Face, a story, page 77, mitêwâcimowina: Indigenous Science Fiction and Speculative Storytelling, edited by Neal McLeod, November 2016, 330pp, Theytus Books, Penticton B.C., $26.20CDN ISBN978-1-926886-39-8
Performing Indigeneity (print)

Tricksters and Creatures and Ghosts, Ho-lee!, Intimations/Imitations of the Sacred, an essay, page 246-262, Performing Indigeneity, New Essays on Canadian Theatre, Volume Six, edited by Yvette Nolan and Ric Knowles, Playwrights Canada Press, Toronto ON , May 2016, $25 CDN, Paperback

ISBN 9781770915374


Gwendolyn MacEwen Presented By Daniel David Moses, essay, December 17, 2015.

Daniel David Moses: Spoken and Written Explorations of His Work

Daniel David Moses: Spoken and Written Explorations of His Work. This collection is a compelling examination and discussion of the work of Indigenous writer Daniel David Moses. Including pieces by Indigenous and non-Indigenous authors, storytellers, playwrights, academics and artists, participating in narratives, writing and dialogues about Moses and his work, the book is at once engaging, grounded in comparative analysis and forceful. Among the contributors: Don Perkins, Randy Lundy, Kristina Fagan Bidwell, Rob Appleford, Maria Campbell, Brenda Macdougall, Greg Scofield, Jo-Ann Episkenew, Helen Gilbert, David Brundage and Tracey Lindberg. In addition, Moses contributed his radio play My Grandfather's Face. Edited by Tracey Lindberg and David Brundage. Guernica Editions, 1569 Heritage Way, Oakville, ON L6M 2Z7, November 2015, 482pp, Trade Paperback $25.00 CDN/US

ISBN 978-1-55071-948-2


Old Gordie's Record, poem, 51, Fifty Plus Poems for Gordon Lightfoot, edited by Fred Addis, The Old Brewery Bay Press, Leacock Museum National Historic Site, P.O. Box 625, 50 Museum Drive, Orillia, ON Canada L3V 6K5, November 2014, 104pp, Trade Paperback $16.95 CDN

ISBN 978-0-9735264-2-4 Getting (Back) to Poetry: A Memoir, an essay, page 121, Indigenous Poetics in Canada, Neal McLeod, editor, Wilfred Laurier University Press, Waterloo, ON, May 2014 $36.99CDN ISBN13:978-1-55458-982-1
  A Dainty Dish Before the King - Preface to the Shakespeare Made in Canada edition of "The Tempest", general editor Daniel Fischlin, Oxford University Press Canada, 2013. 144pp. $12.95CDN Paper ISBN-13:9780199009978

Edited by Daniel David Moses, Terry Goldie and Armand Garnet Ruffo, An Anthology of Canadian Native Literature in English, 4th Edition is a diverse and comprehensive collection of Native writing in Canada. Beginning with a selection of traditional songs and orature of the Inuit and Southern First Nations and works by pioneers of Native literature such as George Copway and Pauline Johnson, this text boasts a wide selection of readings by notable authors, poets, playwrights and activists from Native communities across Canada. Enjoy the writings of Dene tribal elder George Blondin, Joseph Boyden, Thomas King and contemporary poetry from Rosanna Deerchild and Rita Bouvier. Oxford University Press Canada,2013. 688pp. $79.95CDN Paper  ISBN13:9780195443530

Order info at publisher: 416-441-2941 or toll free 1-800-387-8020

        "Shakes Spear" Isn't an Indian Name?, an essay, Chapter 6 of Indigenous North American Drama, A Multivocal History, page 107-114, edited by Birgit Däwes, State University of New York Press, Albany, New York, USA, 2013.
        The Rez Sisters Redux...?, an essay reflecting upon the Factory Theatre (Toronto ON) remount of Tomson Highway's play, The Rez Sisters in the Fall 2011., Volume 10, Number 1, pages 10-16, Montreal, QC, September 2012.



Ballad of the Raft, The Ends of a Picnic, Gray's Sea Change, How to Make a Fish Sweat and Lament Under the Moon, poems in Sovereign Erotics, A Collection of Two-Spirit Literature, edited by Qwo-Li Driskill, Daniel Heath Justice, Deborah Miranda and Lisa Tantonetti. A collection of work by established writers and talented new voices, this anthology spams genres (fiction, nonfiction, poetry and essay) and themes (memory, history, sexuality, friendship, family, love and loss). The University of Arizona Press, Tucson, AZ, USA, 2011. 248pp. $26.95US.

Paper ISBN 978-0-8165-0242-4.


Native Canadian Fiction and Drama, edited by Daniel David Moses. The work of men and women of many tribal afficliations, this collection is a wide-ranging anthology of contemporary Native Canadian literature. A fascinating compilation of stories and plays, this account fosters cross-cultural understanding and presents Native Canadian writers' reinvention of traditional material and their invention of a modern life that is authentic. Twenty-one authors are represented including Richard Van Camp, Buffy Sainte-Marie, Melissa Hardy and, of course, Daniel David Moses.

Exile Editions, paperback, 300 pages, 2010. ISBN 9781550961454


Modern Canadian Poets, An Anthology of Poems in English, edited with an introduction by Evan Jonesand Todd Swift, Carcanet Press Ltd., Manchester M2 7AQ, UK, November 2010 includes Moses' poems: Grandmother of the Glacier, Crow Out Early, Story from the Mouths on a Beach, An Offering of Frost and Complaint of the Strawberry Fieldhand (pages 197-201). ISBN-13: 978-1-857549-38-6 Released in UK currently and in Canada 2011.

"the most exhaustive and important collection of Canadian poetry in two decades" Leah McLaren, The Globe and Mail, November 20,2010 Review.

        Two Flood Stories from Aazhoodena, an excerpt from the play, a work in progress, co-written with David McLaren, with the excerpt's translation, Zwei Flut-Geschichten aus Aazhoodena, pages 126-129, in We are Here Today/Heute Sind Wir Heir, a collection of contemporary aboriginal literature(s) from Canada, edited by Hartmut Lutz and students of Griefswald University, vdl:Verlag, M.u.H. von der Linden GbR, Wesel, 2009.
      My Grandfather's Face, a radio play, pages 127-138, in Across Cultures/Across Borders: Canadian Aboriginal and Native American Litertures, edited by Paul DePasquale, Renate Eigenbrod and Emma LaRocque (Broadview Press 2010). ISBN 9781551117263/1551117266 $39.95CDN&US.
TOK 4 Cover      

Diaspora Dialogues presents TOK Writing the New City Book 4, edited by Helen Walsh (Zephyr Press 2009). The anthology of short stories, poems and plays includes Moses' A Pair of Parades, a story based upon his mother's memories of participating in early Santa Claus parades down University Avenue in Toronto (pages 51-55).

ISBN 978-0-9734112-6-3 (bk.4) $19.95CDN.

      Staging Coyote’s Dream Volume II, An Anthology of First Nations Drama in English, edited by Monique Mojica and Ric Knowles (Playwrights Canada Press 2009) includes Moses’ The Indian Medicine Shows. IBSN 978-0-88754-735-5 $29.95CDN.


Cekání na Kojota: soucasné drama kanadskych Indiánû


Daniel is one of six First Nations Canadian playwrights whose work is included in translations by Klara Kolinska in an anthology launched in Prague, Czech Republic in May 2007. Daniel's Governor General's Award Finalist Coyote City is included in "Waiting for Coyote: Canadian Aboriginal Drama", for which he also wrote a foreword. The other playwrights are Shirley Cheechoo, Marie Clements, Tomson Highway, Yvette Nolan and Drew Hayden Taylor. Publisher: Vetrne Mlyny 2007.

ISBN 978-80-86907-38-3


Seminal: The Anthology of Canada's Gay Male Poets Edited by John Barton and Billeh Nickerson. The anthology includes selected poems by Daniel David Moses. Arsenal Pulp Press 2007. ISBN-13:9781551522173 $24.95CDN $21.95USD.






Pursued by a Bear, Talks, Monologues and Tales by Daniel David Moses. Exile Editions  2005.

ISBN 1-55096-646-4 $23.95 CDN $18.95 US. A collection of 18 essays and talks exploring the nature of story-telling, the possiblities of a "collective past", "tricksters", medicine shows" and those stalking ghosts who have pale faces.

Reviewed by Books in Canada, pg. 38 Volume 35, Number 6, THEATRE by Martin Morrow.

Also reviewed by The Calgary Herald's Jan Speers ( March 11 2006)

'...Moses covers a vast amount of territory - most of it controversial. But he does it with an elegant simplicity, a wealth of knowledge and, above all, a wonderful wit that takes his art, but not himself, very seriously.'


Alien Creature


A Handful of Plays by Native Earthlings, comprising five essays by Daniel David Moses, Of the Essence: about Tomson Highway's 'The Sage, the Dancer and the Fool', Tricky Rabbit: about Beatrice Moisonier's 'Night of the Trickster', A Bridge Across Time: about Ben Cardinal's 'Generic Warriors and No Name Indians', Flaming Nativity: about Billy Merasty's 'Fireweed' and The Lady I Saw You With Last Night: about Floyd Favel's 'Lady of Silences'. Aboriginal Drama and Theatre Volume One, edited by Robert Appleford, Playwrights Canada Press, 2005 ISBN 0-88754-792-3





Without Reservation

Without Reservation, Indigenous Erotica collected and edited by Kateri Akiwenzi-Damm, Kegedonce Press/Huia Publishers 2003 includes Moses’ poetry: Smoke Blues, Offhand Song and Shorts Lines (pages 72-74) and Early Pornography and A Song on the Wall (pages 139-140) ISBN 0-9731396-2-5

Staging Coyote's DreamStaging Coyote’s Dream, An Anthology of First Nations Drama in English, edited by Monique Mojica and Ric Knowles (Playwrights Canada Press 2003) includes Moses’ Almighty Voice and His Wife, play, pages 171-236. ISBN 0-88754-625-0

Tricky Rabbit: about Beatrice Mosionier’s ‘Night of the Trickster’, essay, pages 6-7, CanPlay, Volume 19, No.1, January-February 2002

Native Poetry in Canada: A Contemporary Anthology, edited by Jeanette Armstrong and Lally Grauer includes fourteen selected poems by Daniel David Moses (Broadview Press 2001)

ISBN 9781551112008/1551112000

A Syphilitic Western: Making “The…Medicine Shows,” essay, pages 153-167, (Ad)dressing Our Words, Aboriginal Perspectives on Aboriginal Literatures, edited by Armand Garnet Ruffo (Theytus Books Limited 2001) ISBN 0-919441-91-2

Stories for a Winter Night, Fiction by Native American Writers, Edited by Maurice Kenny (White Pine Press 2000) includes The King of the Raft, story, pages 71-75.
An Anthology of Native Literature in English Third EditionAn Anthology of Native Literature in English Third Edition Edited by Daniel David Moses and Terry Goldie (Oxford University Press 2005)
An Anthology of Canadian Native Literature in English Second Edition
An Anthology of Canadian Native Literature in English Second Edition, Edited by Daniel David Moses and Terry Goldie (Oxford University Press 1998) IBSN 0-19-541282-6
An Anthology of Canadian Native Literature in English
An Anthology of Canadian Native Literature in English Edited by Daniel David Moses and Terry Goldie (Oxford University Press 1992) IBSN 0-19-540819-5